About Us

Tap Credit Repair is not just a company created for credit repair, it is more than a company. Tap Credit Repair was created for everyday people with dreams to live a life they always desired. Tap Credit Repair is the basis of building a solid foundation and new life for your family and community!

At Tap Credit Repair, we are a full-service credit repair company with a professional staff accompanied by years of experience in helping individuals with eliminating their negative credit history and rebuilding a better one.

We are in the business of making your life easier and helping you achieve your goals and dreams. With our help, hundreds of clients have improved their credit scores and successfully achieved their financial goals and dreams.

Our Credit Improvement Specialists guarantee full dedication to each clients’ credit issues. We strive in not just assisting our clients through the credit repair and rebuilding process, but we also financially educate our clients during the process as well. Our program is fast, effective, and affordable.

Check out our Business Build Out Program for details on how we help small business ventures build their brand.

At Tap Credit Repair, we have a wide range of full services to help you with all your credit necessities. This is your first step towards an outstanding financial future, and you are going to be thrilled that you decided to utilize our services.

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