Authorize User Tradelines

Being Frustrated due to late payments, constant calls from collectors and lack of savings can be overwhelming and stressful. Unfortunately, many households are experiencing this problem, and this makes life exceedingly difficult to strive in this economy.

The Good news is that legitimate and reliable credit repair services do exist, and you have just found the credit repair company that will help you regain financial control of your life!

At Tap Credit Repair, we are a full-service credit repair company with a professional staff all of whom are certified credit improvement specialist accompanied by years of experience in helping individuals with eliminating their negative credit history and rebuilding positive credit history!

There is no need for you to continue to be the victim of BAD CREDIT!

How do you think your credit scores could benefit from a 12,000 authorize user tradeline with 10 years of history?

Imagine your credit profile with three (3) AUs via our Aged – Progression package?

We are the AU tradeline specialists with a database of AUs to fit any budget!

Give us a Call Today and take advantage of the affordable prices and credit boost as your reward!

  • Lowest Priced AU Tradelines Packages
  • AUs post within 15-30 days
  • Credit Profiles must be void of Fraud Alerts
  • Age- Progression Packages