Business Buildout Program

The process of setting up a business is extremely important and it creates the best foundation as well as setting the tone for the future of your venture. There are many important aspects of this process and this is the reason why we have created the Business Buildout Program.

The services we provide are categorized in different sections, but they are all equally important and relevant for optimal results. We provide every single one of these services in order to ensure a proper business set up that creates a solid starting point.

Business Set up Services

We will set up your business entity (LLC, Corporation) and get you a new EIN/Tax ID Number. This also includes setting up your business bank accounts.

Business Stationary Services

We are going to create your customized company logo for maximum brand appeal. We also design your business cards, your company letterhead, envelopes and your company flyers.

Business Online Presence

You will get a fully customized responsive website design and social media page set up for the most relevant platforms (FB, Instagram, Twitter). We also register your website on all major search engines to get you started with SEO.

Business Registration

We also handle registrations with the Local Chamber of Commerce, BBB, SAM.GOV, SBA, ORCA and Online Directories.

Business Marketing

Supercharging your business with the best marketing strategies is also essential. We will create highly customized sales funnels, engage Facebook marketing, provide EDDM services and copywriting services ranging from ads, and newsletters to blogs and email campaigns. This is the whole SEO package with all bells and whistles.

One on one business consulting is provided for all of our clients!

We are going to customize our services based on your specific business needs!

Take the first step towards a bright financial future today!

Sign up for our services and give us a copy of your credit report to get started. You will be happy that you found us and now you have help for your credit restoration.