A: You only need to look at the results we have obtained for our clients to know whether credit repair is worth paying for or not. When you are being denied employment, mortgage, or car and credit cards just because of your poor credit score, it is prudent to utilize our services to open a new, bright chapter in your financial life.

A: Credit Sweeps is a service that helps you in getting removed negative items from your credit report. You can see visible results through this service in just 45 days! Results differ based on each credit profile. Entire process on average is a 120-day process.

A: Credit Sweeps works under the provisions of Fair Credit Reporting Act and it is fully legal.

A: We provide full guarantee to our clients that their negative items will be deleted, and their credit score will increase over a 45-120-day period. If you do not see desired results after 120 business days, we promise to refund entire money paid by you.

A: We work upon all three major credit rating agencies.

A: Our services are highly affordable. Prices charged from a client depend upon the quantity of negative items on your credit files.

A. Authorized user trade lines are accounts of credit card holders in good standing adding you to their credit account as a “authorize User” which allows the good credit history of the card holder to report on your credit reports.

A. Primary Tradelines are accounts that are primarily in your name. A fundable credit profile needs at least 3-4 Primary tradelines reporting in good standing.

A. No. All the work related to credit repair and removal of negative items is handled by our company.

A. We DO NOT charge any UPFRONT fees; we charge a 5% backend fee after funding.

A. Our Inquiry Removal service removes ALL inquiries from each credit bureau, removing inquiries can improve credit scores 40 plus points alone!

A. You can give us a call to explain your issues. Our credit advisor will guide you through our services. You can also contact us by sending us an email.

A. Our mission is not just to improve credit scores our goal is to improve the quality of life for families and communities. We understand the struggles of everyday people for we are a company comprised of everyday people.